Managing asset data

Asset owners, operators and contractors face a range of challenges maintaining the integrity of their asset data. We understand these challenges, and how they impact operational efficiency.

The challenges can begin during pre-operations and can escalate as assets mature or change ownership. Once data integrity is compromised, your exposure to risks such as unplanned downtime, equipment failure and safety issues increases.

Delivering the best performance at the lowest cost depends on collecting the right data and harnessing it to optimise maintenance activities. By combining our technical knowledge, and digital tools, we'll deliver your objectives most cost-effectively.

Blended solutions

We use a blend of data management solutions to define and manage the many forms of data associated with energy assets, driving operational efficiencies and improvements in performance. These solutions will:

  • Improve safety and integrity
  • Increase reliability and availability
  • Reduce cost
  • Assure compliance
  • Manage risk

Harnessing the power of data

We ensure your asset data is working as hard as it should be to deliver year-on-year improvements and savings across your operations.  To achieve this – and add value for you across the asset lifecycle – we standardise, improve, and manage the complex data associated with operating assets and critical machinery.

Introducing BuildME

Central to this approach is our digital tool, BuildME, which supports the control, management, and consolidation of asset data into a fully integrated environment.

Harnessing the power of data in this way supports operations readiness for new assets and drives efficiencies in existing maintenance management programmes for operating assets.

BuildME interfaces with all major ERP systems, ensuring fast and efficient setup.



We’ve used BuildME in support of more than 100 projects

Equipment tags

> 3.5m

BuildME has the capacity to manage more than three and a half million equipment tags


> 100m

BuildME can host complex data sets comprising more than one million attributes

Transforming asset systems

The rich data insights delivered by  BuildME are combined with our operations domain expertise to transform and deliver digitally-enabled asset management programmes that improve the performance of your assets.   We provide CMMS or maintenance systems, integrity systems, or a combination of all of these as an integrated service.

Benchmarking performance

To ensure we target your specific performance challenges, we use our operations knowledge – and the data behind it – to benchmark your asset performance. We use several methods to do so: workshops, interviews, data and document reviews, and observation.

By benchmarking assets this way, we can find opportunities for improvements and the practical steps needed to make them.

Our targeted solutions cover a wide range of issues that commonly affect performance. 

The BuildME software capability is central to our asset performance solutions and enables us to simplify and streamline the control, management and consolidation of complex data sets and drive efficiencies across your maintenance management programmes.

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Predict project  and equipment health

We look beyond the insights generated by traditional maintenance and integrity practices that tend to be highly reactive. Instead, we drive increased value by adopting predictive strategies via our artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Petrolytics.

Built and supported by experienced engineers in collaboration with technology expert Accenture, Petrolytics predicts your project and equipment health.

Proven in the North Sea, Petrolytics is transforming asset and project data into actionable insights that enhance performance and reduce costs by:

  • Mitigating operational threats
  • Enhancing asset uptime
  • Supporting a reduction in over maintenance
  • Meeting environmental targets

Transforming  data into actions

Petrolytics predicts project and equipment health by using AI and machine learning to send customised actions to the right people at the right time, mitigating your operational threats and reducing unnecessary maintenance.

It harnesses the knowledge of our expert engineers and the lessons learned from hundreds of projects – and decades of operations delivery – to transform asset data into actions that improve performance.

Petrolytics can be set up within weeks and is proven to return value quickly.

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Capturing valuable in-field insights

As companies come under increasing pressure to reduce costs and meet demanding schedules, our connected worker tool is helping us deliver safely, smartly and on time.

We apply our connected worker approach and associated solutions to deliver safe, consistent work execution and improved productivity. Our solutions readily interface with client systems of record like the computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) Maximo 7.6, facilitating the seamless flow of data and information to and from the worker in the field.

By working in this way, we capture rich, consistent data that we share with stakeholders to improve asset management decision making.

Condition-based monitoring

Our cloud-based reporting tool CBMNet provides a means of managing your rotating equipment where a condition-based maintenance regime is beneficial. It optimises equipment management by highlighting the risk that equipment is exposed to, reporting risk levels, assessing schedule compliance and providing recommendations for action.

We currently deploy CBMNet across more than 100 energy-producing facilities.

Inventory optimisation

Our maintenance, repair and overhaul specialists have helped some of the world’s biggest energy producers achieve improved shelf availability and reduce their operational costs by improving their inventory management systems and processes.

The team brings broad equipment and machinery experience: from electrical, bearing and power transmissions to hydraulics, valves, and subsea equipment



Cost saving achieved through reduced inventory



Inventory availability improved by 70%

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Introducing BuildME - transforming your asset data


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