Shutdown and turnaround (TAR) 

As an asset owner, this is one work scope we know you don’t take lightly. Our approach leverages our own extensive experience of building and managing infrastructure, and the data that comes with that, to support you to reduce shutdown and TAR timescales. 

Challenge shutdown activity, maintain uptime  

We work to preserve value by maintaining equipment and plant uptime. Our operations experience and digital tools support us to challenge shutdown activity and, potentially, find alternative means of executing work during operations. Where that’s not possible, meticulous planning and pre-shutdown activity, proven across the globe, supports us to reduce the duration of planned shutdowns. 

In tandem with your team, we will work to create a long-range plan which enables us to:  

  • Develop, and then maintain, a 10-to-15-year business plan and TAR programme for your facility  
  • Identify and provide support for studies and projects as required 
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