Learning and development

Our people set us apart from our competitors. We are committed to their development, to identifying and nurturing future leaders, and enabling everyone within the business to perform to their true potential.

Petrofac Behaviours

Our sustainable performance depends not just on delivery but on how we deliver on our goals – in other words, how we behave in our work and towards other people. Our behaviours are entirely consistent with our values, and like them must be applied consistently – individually and collectively – if we are to continue to be a successful and sustainable business that does the right thing, every time. They apply to everyone at Petrofac, whatever their role or level in the organisation.

Takes Ownership

This behaviour is about taking responsibility for decisions and ensuring works gets completed, for representing the organisation, and for acting in an ethical way. It is also about seeking feedback and taking charge of our own development.

Builds Relationships with Integrity

We need to nurture interpersonal skills to build trust and respectful relationships with a range of individuals and stakeholders. Listening, showing sensitivity, and building a climate of trust are vital skills for us all. As a Petrofac employee, we also need confidence and self-awareness to handle challenging situations and resolve conflicts, acting in the best interests of Petrofac and our stakeholders.

Collaborates with Purpose

Bringing together colleagues across and beyond Petrofac to share knowledge, co-create solutions, and deliver the best business outcome against strategic objectives. It’s about encouraging dialogue to ensure that good decisions are made, based on a range of views and supported with buy-in.

Drives Positive Change

We need to guide people through change and ambiguity, encouraging a mindset focused on constant improvement, and harnessing the benefits of technology. It also involves having the courage and passion to challenge the status quo and to encourage risk-taking to drive better solutions. We don’t wait for others to do this: we need to step into this space and show others the way.

Coaches, Develops and Empowers

It is about providing those around us with constructive support and guidance to help them grow as professionals and build the confidence to make accountable decisions. Even if we don’t supervise staff, we can still make a positive difference as someone’s peer, through listening and helping our colleagues identify how to resolve an issue and step up to a challenge.

Developing your professional and technical skills

We want our people to develop their competencies and acquire new skills. Their career progress is our guarantee that we can keep delivering to high standards of excellence.

Petrofac Academy

Petrofac Academy is our in-house centre of excellence for employee development.

Over the years Petrofac Academy has introduced and successfully conducted many employee development initiatives, leadership development programmes, our graduate development programme, as well as a host of technical and non-technical training courses.

Leadership development

We believe in everyone’s capability to develop and we seek to identify an individual’s level of potential for future roles. This enables us to plan for a smooth succession into business-critical roles.

On the right Pathway

Petrofac’s Pathway programmes are fundamental to developing supervisors, managers, and leaders. They help us build and scale leadership capability across the organisation in areas critical to future success.

Whatever your level of experience as a manager, we have a Pathway programme that will stretch and develop you. These programmes are built on a series of essential principles and models, linked to our success and sustainability: our values, our leadership behaviours, ethical conduct, and diversity and inclusion.

Since we launched Petrofac Pathway in 2015, more than a thousand colleagues have taken part and improved their management skills in classrooms, and increasingly in virtual classrooms, across the world.

"Petrofac is an excellent environment in which to grow your skills as a professional. We want to help our people grow, and the scale of the company gives them an opportunity to do so over the long-term."
Des Thurlby Group Director of HR

Managing your career at Petrofac

Petrofac is a great place to build your career. We have the scale that allows our people from a range of disciplines to progress by moving to new projects and different roles.

In short, we see our organisation as a meritocracy. We value performance and skills and are committed to assessing our people objectively and fairly.

When you join Petrofac, you can expect support from your manager, through feedback and guidance among others, and from the organisation, with plenty of opportunities to develop your skills.

We like to be clear – all our employees, whatever their position and wherever they work, are responsible for their own career development. As a Petrofac employee, we expect you to ask yourself: what are your career goals? What roles are you aiming for as your career matures in the long run? Don’t wait for things to happen. Put in the effort and make choices. You are in control and you need to drive your own career.